Our Work

Project Title: Supply and Outfitting of Containers for National Archives

Value: 1 million

Client: Office of the Prime Minster

Completed: 2023


Supply and install two 40 feet storage containers including Plinth Foundations and roofing.


  1. Internal Walls, Floor Tiling
  2. Fire Alarm System, Fire Hose Reel, Fire Extinguishers,
  3. Emergency Escape doors
  4. Electrical and Air Conditioning
  5. Dexion Shelving
  6. Dehumidifiers and Data Loggers

Project Title: Marine Transport and Diving Support

Value: approx. 100 K

Client: Rana Diving SPA / Sea Mar Divers TT Ltd

Completed: April 2023


To provide support for divers operating on the MV Sunrise and MV Logam. The job entailed providing marine transport and support for divers, who were involved in the following:

  1. Hull Cleaning
  2. Inspection for Contraband
  3. Inspection for defects
  4. Vessel Survey