HSSE Mission Statement:

To maintain a positive HSSE culture in the workplace within the Petroleum and Petrochemical Manufacturing Industries, also the Public and Private Utilities that we serve in Trinidad and Tobago, Regionally and Internationally, through the utilization of precise current HSSE Standards and Techniques.

AMMSCO’s Management Commitments:

Commitment 1
A healthy environment and accident-free workplace.
Commitment 2
Provide information and assistance that allow for safe handling and use of our products and services.
Commitment 3
Maintain a state of preparedness for responding to accidents and ensuring that employees and contractors maintain health and safety at work.
Commitment 4
Enhancing the awareness that safety and protection of the environment are the responsibility of all employees and sub-contractor personnel working in our operations.
Commitment 5
Audit each of our operations on a quarterly basis to identify issues pertaining to environment, health & safety, and initiate corrective measures to prevent hazards and incidents. The management of AMMSCO Limited is committed to pursue these strategies to create a safe and healthy working environment in all of our operations.

HSSE Motto:

Delivering World-class HSE performance and adding value to projects and lives

HSE Mission:

AMMSCO Ltd. shall preserve the health and safety of all persons affected by our business activities, and protect the environment in all our operations. Employee Health, project Safety excellence and Environmental stewardship are primary management objectives and the responsibilities of every AMMSCO employee. The Company is dedicated and committed to continuous efforts aimed at making our operations proactive in protecting people, property and the natural environment.

The Company shall comply with all applicable laws and relevant industry standards of practice concerning the preservation of the environment as well as the health and safety of its employees, our community and other persons affected by its business.

All employees of the Company shall conduct their duties and responsibilities in a manner that is compatible with achieving these goals.