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AC DC Motor & Generator Repairs

Air Conditioning and Refridgeration

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Valves and Valve Repair

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AMMSCO is committed to the successful delivery of quality assured results within our customer’s planned budgeted and Scheduled Objectives. Client satisfaction is guaranteed by delivering quality outcomes by applying best Engineering, Logistics and Project Management practices while maintaining a zero accident rate and zero discharge to environment.

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Provisions Deck Stores Engine Stores Mooring Ropes & Cables
Fruit & Vegetables Valves & Valve Repairs Lubricants Mooring Ropes
Meat & Fish AC, DC Motors and Generators Hydraulic Oils Cables
Cabin Supplies WENCON Pipe & Surface Repairs Electrical Contact Spray Wirelock
Marine Paints Batteries
Industrial Degreasers & Cleaners
Corrosion Sprays, Rust Removal