Ship Repairs

Soldado Penguin

Soldado Penguin – Complete Rebuild

  • 80% of hull replacement including traverse frame work
  • Full Electrical Installation
  • Removal of Old Engines and Installation of New Engines – Port and Starboard
  • Full Mechanical Works – Renewal of Stern Tubes, Propeller, Shaft, Rudders, Bearings, Full Alignment of Propulsion System
  • Glass Blasting – hull, deck and internals
  • Window installation; Painting – Anti-fouling, Waterline
  • Top side, Deck and Superstructure, Call Signs.

Tri Ocean 26

Tri Ocean 26

    When we received this vessel the repairs to be carried out were Scraping and Pressure Washing entire vessel;

    1. Complete stainless steel welding to the port side line guard
    2. Re glassing of damaged areas to port, starboard and bow
    3. Complete re glassing of rudder; Painting – anti-fouling, topside and port, starboard and stern call signs – turn around time five (5) days to completion

Soldado Heron –

Trinmar Marine Base (A Subsidiary or Petrotrin Limited)
  1. Dry-docked for a standard service and repair – Mild Steel Welding – Hull and internals
  2. Aluminum Welding – Handrails and superstructure
  3. Mechanical Repairs – Bearings and full alignment and installation
  4. Propeller; Rudder
  5. Shaft
  6. Painting – Antifouling
  7. Waterline
  8. Topside including hull and deck
  9. Completed on time and within budget and 100% safety recor

F/V Liberdade 

  1. Another amazing week here at AMMSCO’s offices!  Among the projects of the week, we wish to feature the F/V Liberdade dry-docked.  In only 8 calendar days we carried out an array of repairs to this vessel
    • Full Propulsion Works: removal and replacement of propeller, rudder, propeller shaft, inner and outer bearings, tiller arms and couplin.
    • Propeller Repairs:  Welding of propeller blades, propeller balancing and refinishing.
    • Machining Works:  Machining of entire shaft, inner and outer bushings, propeller nut and fabrication of protective brass ring.
    • Fiberglass Repairs:  Complete Fiberglass to port side fin; rubbing band port and starboard side; drain scoops and sea chest.  Minor repairs to rudder, stern tube and rudder flange replacement.
    • Painting:  Removal of marine growth along with pressure washing the entire vessel – keel to topside. Application of Antifouling and Topside paint; Port, Starboard and Stern signage.