If your ship sails through the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea, chances are you may have a port of call in Trinidad and Tobago. This Caribbean destination provides a favourable geographic location for cargo and cruise ships as well as oil tankers and off-shore rigs.

On arriving to this port, your crew may face a number of difficulties that could lead to delays. When facing the stressful conditions that come about from spending days, weeks or even months traversing the high seas, port optimisation at your next port of call is key. While you are docked in Trinidad and Tobago, AMMSCO Limited can provide you with timely, 24-hour, integrated marine and logistics support to reduce the waiting time at this port of call.

At AMMSCO Limited, we can address many of the concerns that you may have after docking including crucial infrastructural ship damages, machinery repairs and chandlery services.

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One stop-shop for marine maintenance services

AMMSCO Limited is committed to eliminating the hassle from several of your planned and budgeted schedule objectives while docked at Trinidad and Tobago’s ports. With over 40 of the country’s largest oil exploration and subsidiary companies as its clients, AMMSCO provides a reliable and comprehensive range of services for your ship’s needs. These services include:

·         Chandlery Services
·         Ship Repairs
·         Offshore Platform Fabrication and Plant Maintenance
·         Fire Systems and Certification
·         Welding and Fabrication
·         Machining and Machine Shop Services
·         Confined Space Competent Vessel and Tank Cleaning
·         Container Offices
·         Grit Blasting and Hydro Blasting
·         Certified Gas-Free Inspections
·         Medical Supplies

·         Stationery Supplies

With AMMSCO at your side managing your ship’s repairs and providing its supplies, you will have more time to make use of the ports’ other facilities and will be able to conduct business with port officials, coast guards and customs officers knowing that your ship is in good hands. Conveniently located in Chaguaramas, Trinidad and Tobago, you can find out more information about AMMSCO Limited’s services by visiting http://ammsco.com/.