Allen AndersonManaging Director
Allen has over 30 years in the Marine Industry Managing the construction of Jetties, Tug Boats, Offshore Rig Maintenance with specialist knowledge and sill both above water and under water projects. As Managing Director Allen is involved in all major and strategic decision making with a key focus on the return on investment for the shareholders of AMMSCO Ltd.
Angelique AndersonDirector Operations
Angelique’s dedication to the task at hand ensures we achieve exceptional results each and every time we interact with our clients from the beginning to completion of all projects offshore. Her complete knowledge and experience of the 20 years in the marine industry bolstered with her Administrative and Financial practices maintains the profitability of the company. With a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism her client relationships are simply exceptional.
Gregory FarmerDirector Business Development
Gregory has owned his own business, worked for companies such as IBM, Canon and Acer and lectured for Business Colleges and Consulting firms over seas for over 25 years. Returning to Trinidad Consulting to Malabar Farms and now Director of AMMSCO. Gregory has a straight forward mandate, ‘Build A 2025 Business Today’. With qualification in Hospitality Management and Project Management, Gregory ensures the principles and practices of his qualification are applied across the company applying the management practice, “Measure to Manage”.