The further development of a full and complete professional service within the Marine Industry servicing the needs of Ships and Off -Rigs with the application of project management skills and relevant technology in support of our client’s objectives.

AMMSCO is committed to the successful delivery of quality assured results within our customer’s planned budgeted and Scheduled Objectives. Client satisfaction is guaranteed by delivering quality outcomes by applying best Engineering, Logistics and Project Management practices while maintaining a zero accident rate and zero discharge to the environment.

Our Project Management Practices installs structure, aligns processes, measures resources and technology applied for quality assured results.

AMMSCO applies the management practice, ‘Measure To Manage’, this practice ensures quality outcomes by our highly skilled, certified welders and fabricators both are pivotal in achieving the best business outcomes for both our clients and AMMSCO.

Secure and maintain our leadership as the key provider of integrated marine and logistics services to the Offshore, Marine Industry.

Achieve and maintain a zero LTI and zero discharge record in all our projects. Achieve ISO 14000 Series Certification – in progress. Safe To Work (STOW) practices and certification is in progress.

AMMSCO Offers Three Core Services:


 The supply of all Provisions and Personal Supplies, plus all ship requirements and supplies, from computer screens to marine certified polypropylene rope and hydraulic oils.


 Dry Dock and Afloat Repairs


 Off-shore Welding and tie-downs to all forms of Fabrication.